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Who reads RSS feeds ?

Before you can be certain that an RSS feed will benefit your website you'll want to know who actually reads RSS feeds so that you can determine whether they are your potential customers.

  1. Anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with a number of favorite websites
  2. Anyone who wants to compare prices and availability of products on a number of web stores. This includes both individuals and businesses
  3. Anyone that visits a website that displays RSS feeds
  4. Anyone who wants to subscribe to newsletters without worrying about their email address being sent a load of spam


In other words anyone that uses the Internet is likely to read RSS feeds!


RSS Feed Guide provides you with all the resources you need to use RSS Feeds to your advantage. With easy to follow tutorials and articles RSS Feed Guide will show you how to create RSS Feeds, display RSS Feeds and how to use RSS Feeds to increase your traffic, profits and search engine rankings.

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