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RSS Feed Guide FAQ

Why should I create an RSS Feed for my website?

  • An RSS feed can help drive more traffic to your website.
  • An RSS feed can improve your search engine rankings and increase the traffic sent to your website by search engines.
  • An RSS feed can speed up the process of getting your website indexed by search engines .
  • An RSS feed can get new content on your web pages indexed in search engines much faster.
  • An RSS feed is a powerful tool for following up visitors to your website and converting them to paying customers.
  • An RSS feed will provide you with extra advertising revenue.
  • An RSS feed encourages surfers to return to your website more often.

Why should I provide an RSS Feed of my newsletter or e-zine?

Providing your newsletter in RSS form will attract subscribers who are wary of giving out their email address. Our RSS newsletter page discusses this in depth.

Why should I display RSS Feeds on my website?

By displaying RSS feeds on your website your web pages will be automatically updated with fresh keyword rich content which will please your visitors and the search engines.






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