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RSS Feeds - New sources of Traffic

Once you have an RSS feed for your website there are a number of ways in which web users can find and subscribe to your RSS feed.

Of course displaying a link to your RSS feed on your website or other websites allows your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed. There are also many ways in which web users can find and subscribe to your RSS feed without visiting your website.

This is significant because it means that you can generate large amounts of new traffic to your website regardless of your search engine rankings.

Once a web user discovers the benefits of subscribing to RSS feeds they will actively search for more RSS feeds that interest them.


RSS Aggregators

Most RSS aggregators, whether stand-alone or web based, provide a search function which allows users to search for RSS feeds by keyword. The search is usually done on one specific RSS directory.


RSS Directories

An RSS Directory is a web directory of RSS feeds divided into appropriate categories and sub-categories. Many directories allow users to rate and comment on the quality of the RSS feeds listed in the directory.


RSS Search Engines

Technically most RSS Search Engines are really just searchable RSS Directories. Unlike web search engines, which actively seek out new web pages, RSS search engines perform keyword searches on a directory in order to provide the results.




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